Another 100 autogyros join the MagniGyro fleet , which today celebrates the production of the  1300 gyro! As per tradition, the intervention of Vittorio Magni , owner of the company  , could certainly not be missing .

“Here we are, chatting 100 autoturns away from the previous 1200 milestone. What do you think of this new result?”

” I am extremely proud of it! A hundred gyroplane may not seem like many on paper, but it is not just about aircraft. It is a question of a hundred dreams come true, of a hundred customers who have joined our large family that now reaches every corner of the globe and of one hundred opportunities to let everyone know how beautiful the gyroplane flight is. Every single gyroplane produced is considered as a small milestone, which once ready to fly will give immense satisfaction .. As every time, a special thanks goes to the MagniGyro team, to my family and our fantastic collaborators, who every day dedicate their time and energy to the realization of ever new dreams “. 

” Speaking of new dreams: what are your plans for the future? ”

” I think everyone’s attention is now captured by the forthcoming faired tandem model, the M26. A small preview was made in France, but the official market launch will take place next spring. Unfortunately, for now, not. I can say more about it, except that it is another dream that is realized.

Keep following us, and keep holding your dreams at high altitude! ”