M22: The Ultimate Italian-Made Gyrocopter for New Zealand’s Backcountry

If you’re a helicopter or gyrocopter enthusiast in New Zealand, or someone looking for a high-quality aircraft for recreational purposes, the M22 from Magni Gyro is the perfect flying machine for you. Made in Italy by a family-owned business near Milan, Magni Gyrocopters have gained a reputation for their exceptional build quality, stability in flight, and factory support.

The M22 is the latest addition to the Magni Xtreme range, which offers specialized gyrocopters that are well-suited for New Zealand’s backcountry conditions. This aircraft is the result of Pete Avery’s passion for gyro flight and his extensive experience as a commercial helicopter pilot.

Pete Avery, the owner of Magni Gyro NZ, has logged an impressive 33,000 hours of flight time in various parts of the world. In 2017, he took up gyro flying for recreation and became captivated by the unique flying experience it offered. He went through the necessary certification steps to modify his M16 gyro for New Zealand backcountry operations, including fitting large 26” Alaskan Bush tyres and designing a suspension nose wheel assembly.

When the opportunity to become the New Zealand agent for Magni Gyrocopters arose in 2021, Pete Avery eagerly took over. The M22 gyrocopter, with its exceptional flight stability and the ability to withstand New Zealand conditions, quickly became his aircraft of choice. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or an aviation enthusiast, the M22 promises an absolute joy to fly.

If you’re interested in experiencing the thrill of gyro flight or considering purchasing a gyrocopter in New Zealand, Pete Avery is your go-to person. For more information about the Magni Gyro range or to inquire about purchasing a gyrocopter, please email Pete at [email protected].

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a personal aircraft that offers unrivaled quality, stability, and flying experience. The Magni Gyrocopters have become a symbol of Italian craftsmanship, and the M22 is no exception. Fly with confidence and explore New Zealand’s backcountry like never before with the M22 gyrocopter.