ZK-RCR (in red and white)

Tragically Stephen Chubb (our first Magni Dealer in New Zealand) died in a non-Magni related aviation accident on Thursday 12th November 2009 whilst assisting with the testing/training of another brand of gyro. The dreadful irony of course being that his 2003 built Magni M16 ZK-RCR was patiently waiting for him to return having performed countless hours of safe flying over many years for Stephen. In the last photo on the 2nd to bottom row Stephen Chubb is on the right, Mike Ross on the left (this photo taken 25th Oct 2009). The last two photos are in the Milford Sound when Stephen went to visit Bill Black and family. Stephen's Estate sold ZK-RCR to Garry Belton effective 25th June 2010.