Magni Options

M24 options:
- upgrade base M24 to BCAR SectionT approved M24C - this adds 4 Point Belts (both for pilot and Pax), a Parking Brake, a Firewall, Special inner painting for Engine Fairings, a Fire detection system and a Shut-off Valve
- spinner
- 4 point harness for pilot and pax (lap belts standard)
- strobes and nav lights
- cabin heat
- manifold pressure gauge
- 12v Ciggy Lighter Plug in panel
- Electric Trim and PTT on pax side (pilot side is standard)

M16 (scroll down for photos)
M16 options:
- New baggage compartments, two in the front and one in the back of the cabin
- Integrated bottle and penholder
- New carbon spinner
- New cooling system with dual thermostatic valve
- Certified oil line that improves noise reduction by 2 decibels