VIP Magni M24C

VIP Magni M24C – The Ultimate Gyrocopter Experience

Are you a helicopter or gyrocopter enthusiast? Are you in search of a personal aircraft for recreational purposes? Look no further than the VIP Magni M24C, an Italian-made gyrocopter that offers unparalleled quality and a thrilling flying experience.

Pete Avery, the owner of Magni Gyro NZ and a commercial helicopter pilot with over 33,000 hours of flight time, is passionate about gyro flight. His expertise and dedication led him to become the New Zealand agent for Magni Gyrocopters, a family-owned business near Milan, Italy.

The Magni M24C is designed to handle the unique conditions of New Zealand’s backcountry. With its modified M16 gyro and specialized features like large 26″ Alaskan Bush tyres and a suspension nose wheel assembly, this gyrocopter is well-suited for adventurous flying in the beautiful New Zealand landscape.

One of the standout features of the Magni Gyros is their in-flight stability. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or new to flying, you can trust the Magni M24C to provide a safe and secure flight experience. The build quality of these gyrocopters is second to none, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.

When you choose the VIP Magni M24C, you also gain access to exceptional factory support. The Magni team stands behind their products and is dedicated to providing top-notch assistance to ensure a seamless ownership experience.

We understand that purchasing a personal aircraft is a significant investment. However, if you’re a high-income individual looking for a unique and specialized flying experience, the VIP Magni M24C is worth every penny.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Magni Gyro range or want to purchase a gyrocopter in New Zealand, reach out to Pete Avery at [email protected]. Pete’s passion for gyro flying and his extensive flight experience make him the ideal contact for all your gyrocopter needs.

Join the community of gyrocopter enthusiasts in New Zealand and experience the exhilaration of personal flying with the VIP Magni M24C. Whether you’re soaring above the stunning landscapes or exploring the backcountry, this gyrocopter will take your flying adventures to new heights.