Fly the M24

Why the M24? (last updated April 2018)

We have lots of queries regarding comparisons of other leading brand 2 place side-by-side Gyros and the Magni M24. From a competitive point of view then - why a Magni M24 Gyro? Here is the summary:

1. Magni is the world leading Gyro manufacturer with over 1,000 Magni Gyros shipped worldwide

Benefit: - means high degree of safety, reliability and robustness

2. Magni make the entire Gyro. Yes the engine is from Rotax of course but the rest of the machine INCLUDING the main rotor assembly and rotor blades are made entirely in the Magni Factory

Benefit: - means total control over design and quality

3. Your two year warranty is from the Magni Factory - they do NOT have to go to third parties for warranty replacement items due to all components being built by Magni

Benefit: - means fast turnaround of quality controlled parts

4. Your Magni Rotors are composite, are made by Magni and have no lifespan limit. Composite rotors hold high levels of energy which make landing safe and easy for student and lower time pilots. Most other Gyros employ a low energy metal rotor with a replacement life limit, some as low as 700 hours before mandatory replacement is required

Benefit: - means a very forgiving rotor during landing making a Magni the best Gyro for students. Lower ongoing costs. Safer because they are made in the Magni Factory

5. Your Magni is "2 seat enclosed offset" - Magni produce the only 2 seat side-by-side offset seating arrangement. Offset means your shoulders are offset from your passenger by 150mm making the cockpit tremendously comfortable whilst only being 1.9m wide. Most other 2 seat side-by-side Gyros are up to 2.2m wide making them very difficult to push through the air (high drag) resulting in an underpowered and more unstable aircraft as a result

Benefit: - substantial amount of power available for fast climb keeping you away from danger. Stable balanced flight characteristics

6. Magni finish their aircraft to a high spec level. Other Gyros simply don't have the finish that the Italian's put into their build process. A less finished Gyro is not only disappointing to look at up close but is potentially dangerous. Badly designed doors have been known to fly off the lesser brands for example with harsh consequences for the propellor that is spinning just behind the door

Benefit: - beautiful to look at - safety by design

7. Magni Gyros fly well - its a simple fact - other Gyros don't naturally fly in balance and have very touchy flight controls which can lead to pilot induced oscillations. Magni Gyros fly hands off, are beautifully balanced and the flight controls are frictioned so that the effect of any bad behaviour on the part of the Pilot is reduced substantially

Benefit: - you will learn to fly this machine faster and will feel more comfortable in it sooner

8. Magni Gyros have spats! What good is any aircraft without spats? And on that topic Magni Gyros are the best looking Gyros (ok now we are being subjective and have perhaps been drinking too much Magni coolaid)

Benefit: - beautiful to look at - less drag