2014 delivery is 3 months landed in New Zealand from date of order.

Final Price on Application - please call Leo +642102842049 or email to discuss pricing. For budgetary purposes an M24 landed in New Zealand is approx NZ$129K plus GST, freight and avionics.

M24 Orion Specifications:
MAUW in New Zealand - 535kgs
Empty Weight - 290kgs (approx)
Fuel - 82 litres - 79 useable - 16/20 litres per hour
Engine - Rotax 914UL 115HP Turbocharged with electronic TCU
Electronic "FlyDAT" Engine Management System (EMS)
Cruise Speed - 90 MPH
Fuel Efficient Cruise - 75 MPH
Seats - 2
Dual Controls
Take Off Distance - 70m
Landing Distance - 0m to 30m
Rate of Climb - 800-1100 feet per minute depending on loading

M24 Orion Options
- upgrade base M24 to VIP M24 $call
- upgrade base M24 to BCAR SectionT approved M24C $call - this adds 4 Point Belts (both for pilot and Pax), a Parking Brake, a Firewall, inner fireproof paint for Engine Fairings, a Fire detection system and a Shut-off Valve
- upgrade base M24 to M24 VIP (see gallery) $call
- Mast Fairing $call
- spinner $call
- 4 point harness for pilot and pax (lap belts standard) $call
- strobes and nav lights $call
- cabin heat $call
- manifold pressure gauge $call
- VSI $call
- 12v Ciggy Lighter Plug in panel $call
- Electric Trim and PTT on pax side (pilot side is standard) $call
- Radio $call
- Transponder $call
- Glass Panel (EFIS, EMS, GPS) $call
- Intercom $call
- Bluetooth $call
- LightSpeed Zulu Headsets $call

M16 and other models
Please call for pricing