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27/12/2016 - we did a fun project over the break with NZ VRP data. If you would like a copy of the latest Part 71 Visual Reporting Points (VRPs) for New Zealand in decimal format that you can load into your favorite iPad EFB software then please email me for a copy. This data is current as at Nov 2016 and has been tested satisfactorily in the Garmin Pilot iPad app

12/11/2016 - ZK-RAM is now for sale. See Issue 48 (2016#5) of KiwiFlyer for details or call Ian Crook Ph 03-235-8371 0274-324-273 or sonyacrook@xtra.co.nz

27/11/2015 - The Magni Italy Team will be in Dubai starting in 4 days. Come over and see us - https://www.wagdubai.ae

15/6/2015 - Magni ships its 900th Gyro

12/1/2015 - A new red M24C Orion VIP - being built in Italy - arrives in NZ early May 2015 - more detail to follow

6/6/2014 - Magni Agency changes hands - welcome to Leo Levine who will be taking the Magni Agency forward in New Zealand. Mike Ross still very involved providing Magni Flight Instruction. Welcome Leo!

19/5/2014 - check out the Magni Factory on Facebook

29/3/2014 - ZK-MWR is now fitted with a SpiderTracks S3

12/3/2014 - we’ll be exhibiting at the next AERO taking place in Friedrichshafen, Germany from 9th to 12th April 2014. We’ll be in HALL B4 – Stand B4-200. The gyros on display will be:

- One M24 ORION VIP version

26/2/2014 - Great news for the New Zealand market. The factory in Italy have 2 x M16 1 x M22 and 2 x M24 now in stock - for immediate delivery. Call Mike 021422786 now to discuss colour and options.

20/2/2014 - Magni HQ release their new Web Site - Congratulations looking awesome!

22/11/2013 - check out the new dealer page in Aussie at http://www.airborne.com.au/pages/gyroplanes.php

11/10/2013 - Magni ships Gyro number 800. An amazing milestone - click on the image to enlarge

16/7/2013 - Magni Gyro Italy will be closed for the Summer Holidays from 5th to 30th August included. Magni Gyro New Zealand is open for business throughout this time

30/5/2013 - ZK-PLW now completed all CAA endurance requirements and ready to go. Congrats again Peter on your new machine!

28/4/2013 - ZK-PLW is now flying and hangared in Masterton. Call Mike 021422786 if you would like to have a look.

18/3/2013 - ZK-PLW has just arrived at the Wellington container wharf - clearing through Customs and MAF as we speak and will then be at NZWN airport for the next few weeks for Avionics installation

13/1/2013 - ZK-MWR will be at the Dannevirke Autogyro Association Flyin this year.

5/1/2013 - ZK-MWR will be at the Wings over Wairarapa Air Show this year.

1/1/2013 - The Magni Team wish you are very Happy New Year. We are excited to report that ZK-PLW left the Magni Factory this week and is on its way to New Zealand

24/11/2012 - check out the new VIP M24C Gallery of photos on our home page. This is the Dynon EFIS and EMS equipped VIP M24C.

13/11/2012 - Amazing new Gyro Ground School just launching. Be into it, it's awesome.

10/10/2012 - Magni Gyro New Zealand has moved to a new Web Server. Same great content - just a little faster. Enjoy!

8/10/2012 - Video of ZK-MWR in the Winter of 2011 when we had snow at and around Flat Point (NZFT)

16/9/2012 - Magni wins the World Gyro Championship 2012 with the M16 Tandem Trainer

14/8/2012 - Congratulations to Peter and Lynette Whitford with the purchase of their brand new Magni M24C Orion. Manufacture has begun and we expect to see the machine in New Zealand in Feb 2013. Very exciting indeed!

3/8/2012 - Interesting article on Dead Stick Dead Stop landings in a Gyro

25/7/2012 - Magni ships Gyro number 700. An amazing milestone - click on the image to enlarge

24/5/2012 - The German Microlight Championship 2012 is over and we are proud to announce that MAGNI GYRO has achieved first and second place in the autogyro category
Mr. Herbert Lehner & Mr. Josef Lachner at 1st place with the M16 TANDEM TRAINER
Mr. Norbert Lorenzen & Mr. Andreas Wisbacher at 2nd place with the M24 ORION

13/5/2012 - check out the new Gallery of photos on our home page. These were taken last month at Aero 2012 in Friedrichshafen

31/3/2012 - Leo Levine takes delivery of his M22 at Parakai. Congrats Leo. See ZK-MGN for further details and pictures

18/2/2012 - Snow this week on the Factory Airfield in Besnate, Italy

24/1/2012 - The International Air Sport Federation (FAI) has awarded the 2010 Paul Tissandier Diploma to VITTORIO MAGNI, owner and CEO of Magni Gyro. The Paul Tissandier diploma was established in 1952 by the FAI as an official recognition for all those who, during their life, have shown to have “served the cause of aviation, including general and sport, in particular with their work, initiative and devotion”. Each year, the FAI, based on the recommendation of the respective Aero Club, releases 1-2 diplomas to each nation. In this way, the FAI wishes to emphasize the absolute uniqueness and importance of this reward. The Aero Club of Italy (AECI) has proposed the Paul Tissandier diploma to Vittorio Magni for the year 2010 for achievements throughout his life. By issuing this award, the AECI has recognized and appreciated the world renowned quality and safety efforts made by the first Italian Company producing gyrocopters. A very proud moment for Magni Gyro!

20/1/2012 - Magni New Zealand is delighted to welcome our newest member to the Magni NZ family, Mr Leo Levine with his Magni M22 Voyager. Once Leo's M22 arrives in New Zealand in a few weeks and is registered you will be able to see pictures and more detail on this fantastic Gyro. Welcome Leo!

11/1/2012 - Stop Press - with the Euro now in so much trouble your Magni Gyro has just got a lot cheaper. There is not a better time to order your Magni while you can get Euros at 0.6117

22/12/2011 - Merry Christmas from the Team at Magni Gyro. ZK-MWR will be flying every day from Jan 1st 2012 to Jan 8th 2012 inclusive. If you want a demo flight just give Mike a call 021422786 or send him an email at mike@magnigyro.co.nz - you are more than welcome - he is there flying anyway so its no hassle at all :-)

20/12/2011 - New Magni 2012 Price list just announced. Email mike@magnigyro.co.nz for further information

9/11/2011 - Magni wins the Microlight World Championships (WLC 2011) which were held at Villamartin (Cadiz, Spain) from 12th to 16th Oct 2011

5/11/2011 - Nice article from Loop Aero about our President and Leader, Vittorio Magni

29/10/2011 - If you use a LightSpeed Zulu Headset in a Gyro with a Rotax engine there is a "secret" headband adjustment that a very fine gentleman from LightSpeed named David has taught me. This makes the Zulu perform even better in the Rotax environment. Email me if you would like the secret!

20/10/2011 - New M24 Pilots Handbook (Sep 2011) is now available - please email Mike if you would like a copy

17/10/2011 - New section now on our Web Site - we can now supply you with a purpose built Gyro Hangar. Check it out at Gyro Hangars

9/10/2011 - ZK-MWR will be flying for four days Oct 15th-18th inclusive at Flat Point. Please come out and have a fly if you are in the area. Ring Mike on 021422786 to organise

1/10/2011 - New M16 Pilots Handbook (Sep 2011) is now available - please email Mike if you would like a copy

27/9/2011 - Starting today only .co.nz email addresses can automatically create an account on this site. If you want to create an account and have a different email account (say .com or .info or .net.nz) then please email Mike and he will set your account up manually

26/9/2011 - Back from our break nice and rested. Here are some really nice photos of the M24 from this years show at Friedrichshafen and also a few at Popham airfield in the UK

29/7/2011 - The Magni Factory in Italy is closed for summer holidays from 8th August to 28th August inclusive

18/7/2011 - Tomorrow (19/7) we are flying all day at Flat Point - the weather is forecast to be perfect! Be out here for a fly in the best Gyro in the world. Just call 021422786 and come on out!

2/6/2011 - Delivery slots for New Zealand have now changed. We have one delivery slot (any model) left for New Zealand in October 2011 if deposit taken now

26/5/2011 - Formal notice given that the M18 SPARTAN will be removed from the product range as we gear up to release a new model later in the year

23/5/2011 - Happy Queens Birthday from the Team at Magni Gyro New Zealand. ZK-MWR will be out and operational all of the Queens Birthday long weekend (June 4th, 5th and 6th 2011) at NZFT. If you want to come over and have a fly just call 04-9388244 to arrange. Would be great to see you!

22/5/2011 - Check out the new Magni Gyro South African Dealer web site - a fantastic site with new pictures, videos and much more

21/4/2011 - Happy Easter from the Team at Magni Gyro New Zealand. ZK-MWR will be out and operational all of the Easter Weekend at NZFT. If you want to come over and have a fly just call 04-9388244 to arrange. Would be great to see you!

25/3/2011 - AERO 2011 is taking place in Friedrichshafen, Germany from 13th to 16th April 2011. Magni Gyro New Zealand looks forward to seeing you in Hall B4 – Stand B4-101 where we will be displaying the M16 TANDEM TRAINER, M22 VOYAGER and M24 ORION. See you there!

10/3/2011 - A note from the factory - you do NOT have to support your Magni rotor blades when parked. Just letting them "hang" under their own weight is the healthy option for Magni Rotor Blades. Do NOT tie them either - just engage the rotor brake and let them hang naturally in the center position. Obviously you do tie them when you are outside in windy conditions. Other Gyro brands appear to need this type of rotor bracketed support in the hangar in part due to the elasticity of the aluminium whereas Magni Rotors are composite and have no such requirement

22/2/2011 - Congratulations to Pilot Piero Zazzera - A simple adjustment to the control system allows disabled people like Piero to easily fly the M16 Tandem Trainer. The simple mechanism, designed and developed by Magni Gyro, consists of a wheel-like device controlling a pulley, duly hinged on the control stick, moving the control cables of the pedal block and of the vertical stabilizer. The device is fixed and moves on the vertical axis so that the efforts applied to control yaw do not affect pitch control

30/1/2011 - Mike Ross appointed Secretary/Treasurer of the New Zealand Autogyro Association

29/1/2011 - The M24 (ZK-MWR) will be at the NZDV Dannevirke flyin for the day tomorrow (Sunday) weather permitting

12/1/2011 - 2011 Price Book now released. Factory build slots for New Zealand available for May and June 2011. Call or email for details

30/12/2010 - Demo flights at NZFT in ZK-MWR available from Jan 1st 2011 to Jan 11th 2011. Just email mike@magnigyro.co.nz to arrange on any one of those days

24/12/2010 - Current price list extended for two more weeks. The 2011 price rise will take place now on Jan 12th 2011. All orders prior to this date accompanied by a 40% deposit will be able to take advantage of the current price book

21/12/2010 - See a great article on the M24 from Light Aviation Magazine Dec 2010 issue in the UK

20/12/2010 - SB008 released for the M24 (only). This is a service bulletin to complete an oil line check and must be peformed within 5 hours flight-time from 20/12/2010

20/12/2010 - The end of 2010 edition of KiwiFlyer Magazine just out has a great new Magni Gyro advertisement on page 37

23/11/2010 - See Forums Flyer in the UK for a great article on the M16C. Email mike@magnigyro.co.nz if you want a copy of the magazine article

13/10/2010 - Magni ships Gyro number 600. An amazing milestone - click on the image to enlarge

11/10/2010 - Changed first picture of ZK-MWR to a new one taken 10th Oct 2010 at NZFT

6/10/2010 - Magni Gyro Ltd are delighted to announce that on 4th October the Magni M24 fully enclosed gyroplane has received its Type Approval from the UK CAA and is now fully approved for flight in the UK. This is a truly momentous occasion, not just for Magni Gyro but also for gyroplanes in the UK and in the rest of the world. The Magni M24 is now the first enclosed 2-seat factory built gyroplane to be approved to BCAR Section T, the UK CAA’s approval standard for gyroplanes. Gyros manufactured for the UK to BCAR Section T will have a "C" suffix added - eg M24C, M16C

15/8/2010 - Get lastest edition of Kiwi Flyer for article on ZK-MWR. Reprint of the article is here

25/6/2010 - ZK-RCR is sold to Garry Belton

21/6/2010 - Added photos of ZK-RAM. Added new Flight Deck photo of ZK-MWR

1/6/2010 - ZK-MWR now has a permit to fly. Flying to commence shortly out of NZWN

23/5/2010 - Added two Milford Sound photos to the ZK-RCR page. Added first set of photo's to the ZK-MWR page

3/5/2010 - Begin work on assembling the ZK-RAM page. Pictures to come. Added an intro to the ZK-MWR page

18/4/2010 - Added M16 Gallery info with pictures taken from the international AERO exhibition held in Friedrichshafen, Germany